Music theory is the study of how music works.  Some elements of music are rhythm, melody, structure, harmony, and texture.  Every musician can benefit from learning the fundamentals of theory to further their understanding of the music they play. Music Theory is the language of music, an essential part of musical training.


Subject Offered

  • Rudiments (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Harmony (I, II, III)
  • History (I – Musical Overview, II – Early Music, III – Modern Music)
  • Counterpoint
  • Analysis

Lesson Format

  • Private – need to book appointment with individual instructor
  • Semi-private – need to book appointment with individual instructor
  • Group Lesson – check for posted schedule on web or in school

Some classes will be by term, and some classes will be a full year.  Please check with the administrator as what format you want to choose

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