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Piano Private Class

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced students are taught one on one, to gain the highest possible level of achievement. All of our piano instructors are highly skilled, well educated and extremely dedicated to giving students the best possible music education. Students are duly encouraged to participate in the Royal Conservatory Examination System, as well as the local festivals and recitals throughout the year. Our Academy has a reputation for high marks in exams as well as performance awards in community competitions.

Lesson Format:
Private Lesson – one by one weekly class ( additional classes can be arranged with individual’s instructor)

Piano Group Class (3-5 age)

children’s group piano course is a unique program designed to give your child the best opportunity to develop their basic music skills. At this age, the ear is at its peak of sensitivity, making this age bracket an ideal time to begin music lessons. In this program, children will begin to explore the keyboard by playing and listening to music designed specifically for 3-6 years olds, developing the fundamental skills, creativity, and knowledge to advance their music education further. This program

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