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Violin Private Lesson

Students are provided with a supportive environment to help them achieve their goals. Instructors focus on breaking down the technique of how to play into digestible steps while building toward the end goal of playing your favorite song. With the years of training, performance and teaching experience, their expertise will lead to many shared tricks and tools to help make playing easier, more enjoyable and fun!  Students are taught from the basic instrumental technique, postures, technical exercises, repertoires playing. Students are encouraged to take part in examinations and local music festivals.

 Lesson Format: one on one weekly class or per class of 60 mins basis ( additional classes can be arranged with individual’s instructor)



Violin Group Lesson

Learning the violin at a young age creates discipline and ear training. We use the Suzuki method as well as the Royal Conservatory of Music teaching methods.

– Fundamental training; Note reading; Ear Training; Soloing;

  • Accompaniment/Ensemble playing

– A variety of styles from Classical to folk are taught in a relax and fun atmosphere

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