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Guitar Private Lesson

We provide private guitar lessons for students ages 5 and up. We offer lessons in acoustic and electric guitar, or bass guitar. Students enrolled in our private guitar lessons will learn a wide variety of genres such as pop, rock, jazz, blues, and classical for a well-rounded learning experience. Students will also learn music theory, reading tablature, finger picking, strum patterns, and performance technique.

 Lesson Format:  0ne on one weekly class or per class of 60 mins basis ( additional classes can be arranged with individual’s instructor)


Guitar Group Lesson

We also offer group guitar course These lessons are suitable for beginners or students who are at the same level. If you want to learn guitar with a friend, parent or sibling, this is an excellent option.

We recommend children ages 5-8 years old start with group lesson and progress to acoustic or electric guitar when they are more developed. Our music programs is designed to give students a well rounded, fun and rich music. Have fun to learn Guitar with a friend and your peers.

Lesson Format: Once weekly class ( additional classes can be arranged with individual’s instructor)

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